Some days are bright and beautiful, others painful

– cancer patient on herbal medicine

Rodell Hinds

“Well some of my days are beautiful, and bright and energetic. On those days I forget there is still a word name cancer. But on others… the pain is so much. And the thought [that] other persons in similar condition gone, …makes you think that there is no tomorrow for you.”

She spoke those words calmly, but with the pain and fear underlying them. She was not in pain on the day we spoke; the bright and energetic did not come through either and I knew it was one of her down days.

Rodell Hinds is a mother of four who was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year. I interviewed her a few months ago where she revealed that she had opted for herbal medicine and changed her diet to vegan. While she is aware of the warnings by medical practitioners who advocate conventional medicine, Hinds believes it will cause her body more harm than good. (She was told that she is too far gone for radiotherapy to be administered.) ….