Mother of 3 still affected by sexual abuse she suffered as a child

“I could remember vividly that as a child I would run from him because he would always try to touch my privates. I would not tell anyone, but I just knew it was wrong and it gave me this nasty feeling,” she said, her facial expression mirroring how she must have felt.

“It is funny, some days it is like it never happened but then other days I don’t know what triggers it, but it would come back like it was yesterday. I have not seen him for years, but I remember when I became an adult I would see him often, but I think I blocked it out then because I never really like hated him.”

She is a 43-year-old mother of three and she was abused as a child by two uncles and her mother’s partner. She never got counselling but said talking about it is therapeutic. While she agreed to speak to me about the abuse, before she actually addressed it, she made small talk and then suddenly raised the topic…..