Stalked and assaulted, wife puts it down to husband’s ‘demons’

“He attack me on the road and people deh all around and nobody come to help me. Is I had to fight he back and all dem saying is ‘boy go long you way’ but nobody stop he from hitting me,” she said. 

She appeared sad rather than shocked at people reacted. Although I know many persons refuse to get involved, even when a man is attacking a woman in public, I was still surprised when she told me this. Some people say they do not want to get involved in “man and woman story”, so even if a man is beating a woman they would do nothing, possibly out of fear or perhaps because they are immune to this type of behaviour. 

I could not help but remember my experience when I thought I was stopping a boy from attacking a girl and both parties, along with their friends, burst into peals of laughter at my expense. I remember how angry I was; even so, I am not sure I could stand back and do nothing if I see woman being attacked. But that is just what men did when this woman was being attacked in the street recently.  

“Girl, wah I guh do? They just stand up and watch. But I fight he off and he almost like push me in the drain with water,” she said. ….

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