Dancehall artiste releases songs in time for Mashramani

Keon ‘Rictyza’ Forde

Dancehall artiste Keon ‘Rictyza’ Forde will be releasing three brand new singles just in time for the Mashramani season. Airplay for his songs, ‘Twenty One Eight’, ‘Stand Up and Pose’ and ‘Touch You’ is expected as early as next week.

The Lindener expressed his joy in coming back to the airwaves after his last single ‘Money Talk ‘ was aired back in 2016 on 104.3 (Linden’s Radio Station).

In an interview with Keon he shared his reasons for coming up with the songs. ‘Twenty One Eight’ in which he collaborated with another artiste Andrew (only name given by both Keon and his manager) came about with the new year and focuses on progressing and working for the good. The video for this song hasn’t began shooting as yet but manager, Raoule Samuels noted that it will be in time for Mash.

‘Standup and Pose’ according to Keon was inspired by people taking selfies of themselves, which he himself is guilty of. He plans on using the posing as part of his song video and hopes that it can become one of the new dance to be introduced. Currently a video is being done for this single and will be released next week via social media and will distributed to television stations.

And finally ‘Touch You’ is more of an enticing song that portrays the “ladies at the party”.

However, Rictyza will not stop at Mash but is already recording a fourth song ‘Wine Fuh Me’ which is set to released sometime in March. To his fans he says, “Look out for the new releases and stay tune for more to come.”

All three songs are being recorded through IQ Studios.

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