It’s new, fun, interesting and if we are to go by the producer’s words; going to be big. It’s the Lady Wendy television show that will be hosted by Wendy South. The show, said to be the first of its kind in Guyana, is set for television airing come Monday, February 5.

The Lady Wendy Show will target the ordinary Guyanese, especially youths who are struggling with everyday social ills and teach them to overcome and move forward.

What sets this production apart from any other local show is that through insightful conversations, the show will share testimonials by guests regarding personal stories and experiences. It doesn’t stop there, but all programmes will be viewed by a live audience which opens room for dialogue and interaction between the parties present. Their stories will reflect weaknesses and challenges of all kinds faced by these people who would have found the best versions of themselves by just looking within and finding their strengths.

“Insights from our show can empower them with the tools needed to self-identify and recognise certain behavioural characteristics within themselves. Using a variety of inspirational approaches, the Lady Wendy Show seeks to assist viewers with releasing past burdens and embracing their potential by adopting our simple concept to: Live! Laugh! Love!” Wendy said.

In a sit down, the talk show host said that the idea for the show was birthed out of something very simple. It was six months ago while she was at an internet café to browse online that the idea of the talk show was birthed. She recalled that the section that allowed for browsing was not out of earshot of the other side where persons placed overseas calls. Wendy related that in the span of time she sat down trying to browse, she overheard conversations regarding one sister telling a relative on the phone to not send her items in the same barrel the relative was sending for the other sister as they were not on speaking terms. In another phone conversation, a woman complained that her husband had not come home the previous night and so she was planning to pack up and leave with her children while two other calls surrounded that of one person’s electricity being cut-off and another person complaining about having no job. According to Wendy she wanted to tell them the answer was right there, if they would only look within and find the courage, they would find the answers.

Reflecting on those conversations, she realized that people had always been complaining about such situations and she wished she could do something to reach out to people who feel like they have arrived at the end of their journey or caught between a rock and a hard place; then the idea of the Lady Wendy Show began to blossom.

In some of her later shows Wendy said, she hopes to highlight mental issues and the stigma of people being labelled “mad”, something she believes that not a large percentage of the Guyanese population have a fair idea on as well as shed some light on the LGBT community.

At the end of each half hour session, Wendy hopes that she not only motivates her audience but also inspires them leaving them entertained and invigorated each time.

The Lady Wendy Show hopes to provide a platform for persons to share, connect and support one another.

Wendy hails from Kuru Kururu on the Linden/Soesdyke Highway. She migrated to Canada in the 1970s; she is married and has two children. She is a woman of many accomplishments as she’s worked in the Guyana mining, oil and gas exploration sectors, promoted cultural heritage, social development, and is a spiritual motivator. She has also sat on not-for profit boards was the Vice-Chair of Parkdale Business Improvement Area, Founder of the Parkdale Mosaic Festival, Chair of the Guyana Goodwill Association, Founder of the Georgetown Pavilion in the festival Caravan, CoChair for the Woburn Public School Parent Council, promoter of the first Guyana Legend Concert, and Miss Georgetown Princess Pageant.

To be in the audience costs nothing except for one to visit the show’s website at and click on ‘Invitee’. Persons in the audiences will also be receiving special giveaways. Viewers are invited to request topics, ask questions and leave helpful comments.

This Monday’s topic will be ‘Youths on the Move’. The other topics to follow for the month of February are: ‘Did Cupid Get It Right On Love? (A Valentine’s edition)’, ‘Love of Country’ (Mashramani) and ‘Love of Money’.

Wendy is inviting sponsors to get on board and help to make the show a success, so the lives of people can be positively impacted. The Lady Wendy Show is scheduled to be aired every Monday at 4.30 pm on NCN.

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