Swiss singer makes music videos in Guyana

Swiss singer Alina Amuri shooting one of the music videos

Swiss Neo soul singer/songwriter Alina Amuri has set foot in Guyana for the first time to feature scenes of Guyana in the making of two music videos ‘Cope with It’ and ‘Daughter’, two singles from her latest album ‘Chasing Traces’.

‘Chasing Traces’ depicts a journey of a woman in search of who she is, who she wants to be and what she wants to do with her life and although she still hasn’t found the answers, she knows she’s on the right track to finding them.

Alina Amuri

Alina is a native of the African country, Congo but grew up in a foster home in Zurich, Switzerland and moved to the chocolate country when she was two years old. She’d dance and sing for hours at a time, with no inkling of ever being a part of the music industry let alone an artiste.

Though Switzerland would fashion Alina into the individual she’s become, she never felt at home and was always in search of it.

In search of herself and her roots, the singer along with a close friend of hers spent several weeks travelling through the desolate desert of Egypt with nomads. Here she found a unique kind of splendor that gave her peace. Yet this journey of hers of soul searching is not over and Guyana has now become part of it. In fact this is the first time also that she is visiting the South American continent.

Alina’s visit to Savannah Drive on the Linden Soesdyke-Highway saw her for the first time getting the opportunity of driving an ATV which she said was lots of fun.

The videos are being done by Green Mango Media whose director Guyanese Amanda Wilson had met Alina in Switzerland and referred her to Guyana for the two music videos.

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