Six to face off in sound clash

The DJs who will be competing in the sound clash

Dubbed as a ‘night of musical warfare’, the Empire Media Inc. is on track to host ‘Art of War 2018’, on Saturday, July 28 at the Sports Hall Tarmac, Homestretch Avenue.

The event, which is in its third year, has, according to the promoters, already created a social media craze with fans all hyped and ready for the battle. The sound class will feature six of Guyana’s elite DJs (Disc Jockeys) and Selectors who will do battle for $1,000,000, one trophy and one year bragging rights.

The launch of the ‘warfare’ was last Thursday at the Garage Bar and Grill, South Ruimveldt Gardens and it saw a fierce interactive session with all Djs present. Competing DJs and Selectors are 2016 champions Platinum & Skinny Hype, Magnum & Seen Up of Notorious Sound (Armageddon Clash Champions), Turf Teacha of Trinity Sound  , Delly Ranks and Selector Thunda of Thunderbolt Sound, Nico Hype of One Voice Family, and Spotlight Sound. There will be five rounds in the clash. In the final round only two DJs will remain.  This will be a tune for tune round. 

According to the promoters the clash will be judged by the fans while the rules will be enforced by the host. The crowd will be asked to judge by show of hands. Not by voice or noise.  There will also be a three-man panel to help rule on difficult decisions.  Early juggling will be provided by Selector Shaq, Selector Matic and Evolution Fraternity. Gates will be opened from 7pm and the Clash starts at 9pm. Entrance fee is $1000 before 10pm.  For more information you can like our Facebook page- ‘Empire Media Inc’, follow us on Instagram @empiremediainc or call  Carl Allen on 592-691-3018 or Eusi Davis on 862-233-0494.

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