Compton Leacock releases video for ‘Beautiful Day’

“Beautiful Day,” the song which created quite a stir a few years back is back in the limelight with the release of its video and is well on its way to creating waves again with the many good reviews since its release on YouTube.

Urban Adult Contemporary artiste Compton Leacock wrote and sang the song.

Leacock, who hails from Vergenoegen shared that he was inspired to write the song while relaxing at his home one day looking out at the seawall situated opposite, contemplating the plastic bottles washed up there as well as the busy lives of the people passing on foot and in buses. He was tuned in to a radio station via his headphones and heard the broadcaster say, ‘give thanks for this beautiful day’.

The song is a reminder to persons to be thankful for the little things despite the hassle and chaos of life.

However, wanting to give his audience a clearer picture of the meaning of the song, Compton contacted Ssignal Productions to produce his video. Since its release, the video has been receiving good feedback. Compton noted that persons have been contacting him to congratulate him on the video, including friends from Canada, England and the United States who he hasn’t heard from in years.

Compton, who has been doing music for 45 years is a singer/songwriter, composer and guitarist. He is currently employed at the Vergenoegen Secondary School as a Music Instructor.

His journey began with Solo Sounds International Band and he has played in bands such as, Hermits (where he was the lead vocalist and sang alongside the late Mighty Rebel), Ronetts, Pete’s Caribbean Fusion, EC Connection, GT Music Machine, Jerusalem, Caribbean Hot Shots and others prior to going solo. In 1984, Compton won a local music festival and went on to represent Guyana in Aruba where he placed fourth.

He has so far released 17 songs inclusive of singles and covers. Among them are “Masquerade,” “Love TKO,” “My Native Land” (all covers) and “Beautiful Day” and “Perfect Beauty” (originals). Currently Compton is working on three new singles set to be released running up to the Christmas period.

He performs at different gigs and can be reached at 663-5494. For a copy of “Beautiful Day,” Ssignal Productions can be contacted on Facebook via Bonny Alves’ page or on numbers 233-0680 and 675-5398.

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