Dexter Gardener: Designer climbing the fashion ladder

Twenty-four-year-old Dexter Michael Gardener is one of the newest kids on the block in the fashion industry and he is pulling out all of the stops as a designer. One of his most recent designs took the crowd by storm at the Miss Earth Pageant preliminaries on April 21, securing the bronze medal.

It has only been two years since Dexter took up designing at the professional level, more so because he had competed at the second edition of the Mr Guyana International and won the title of Mr Wonderful World along with the People’s Choice award and Best Formal Wear for a design he created. 

“Prior to coming out of my cocoon, I began designing since age 14. I always had an eye for fashion. Though I wasn’t a huge fan of cartoons, I recall spending most of my weekends watching Cinderella or any cartoons involving princes and princesses. I was fascinated with the big gowns the princesses wore and princes’ attires also. They inspired me as a child,” Dexter said. Dexter’s sketch pad was full of them…..