Young Royalty hits reggae scene in UK

Naomi Horsford who goes by the stage name Young Royalty has moved back to England where she spent some of her early years and has been turning up the heat in the reggae community which led to her being signed to the management of Britain’s Got Reggae.

Just about a month after she first spoke with The Scene in July 2016, Naomi said, “… My mom and dad decided that London was the place to be.” Her parents, she shared, had been contemplating her move to the UK after advice from several persons within the music industry in the UK. Her mother’s UK-based aunt was the final convincing piece of the puzzle. She was visiting Guyana for Emancipation 2016 and was able to hear Naomi perform live at the National Park. She spoke with both of her parents and 12 days later Naomi was on a plane to England.

On August 13, Naomi had an emotional reunion with her dad who she had not seen for nine years. A few short weeks later, she was accepted into East Berkshire College where she completed Math and English along with a Diploma in Health Care. A year after her arrival, she was back to doing her music and began crafting her talent, using it to the best of her ability to apply to Creative College. She was successful in her application and is just finishing her first year as a Vocal Artist Level Three extended two-year diploma. She is expected to finish college in July of next year. Singers Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora attended this college in preparation for their careers…..