Alabama and Bomb Squad still rising on the music scene


This week The Scene caught up with Clifford Charles who most of Guyana is familiar with as Alabama.  The artiste, whose fame is still climbing since his 2006 debut of “Dem Don’t Care”, shared what he has been up to in the music business.

His two latest popular songs were “Fix It Granger” and “Guyanese Jailbreak”. “Fix It Granger” came after 17 prison inmates died during a fiery riot in 2016. According to Alabama, he hurried down to the studio the following day to work on this particular song which gained thousands of views on YouTube. Then a little more than a year later “Guyanese Jailbreak” dropped; it addressed the fire that flattened most of the prison.

The artiste mentioned that other singers in Guyana need to focus more on what is going on around them rather than just singing anything, adding that songs should be relatable to the public. The man further said that artistes should be more than Guyana and pay more attention on what’s going on in the world at large. “If I write songs alone that appeal only to Guyanese then that’s not trending…,” he said. “Guyana doesn’t have a large enough population to trend but keeping up to date with the world and writing songs on issues that are affecting the world will…..