Food lovers can expect a treat today when the Global Foundation in collaboration with the Department of Social Cohesion, Culture, Youth and Sports hosts its first Caribbean Cookout on the lawns of Castellani House, Vlissingen Road and Homestretch Avenue starting from 4 pm.

According to a press release from the organisers, it is expected that the global culinary passion of all the persons who will be in attendance will be ignited. The customs, lifestyles and cultural identities of peoples from around the world will be highlighted through their traditional cuisines, which will be prepared according to their indigenous processes, using original ingredients and with the help of nationals of the various countries.

To satisfy the international culinary experience for food fans, there will be myriad food booths to satisfy their taste buds.

During the afternoon, beers from all over the Caribbean, the United States, Europe and further will be on sale making it an international beerfest; there will also be wines, rums and cocktails from around the world. There will also be fruit drinks and punches, sparklers, spritzers, lemonades, sodas, and many other hot and cold beverages and ice creams on sale.

But, according to the organisers, the highlight of the all-you-can-eat banquet will be the ability of the attendees to visit and enjoy the numerous food booths, from the memorable Chinese dishes of the Orient, to Mediterranean treats, spicy Indian and other Eastern dishes, Mexican delights, exotic Nigerian and other African dishes, tasty Brazilian barbecue, scrumptious Cuban food and last but certainly not least our own very appetizing Guyanese cuisine.  

And young patrons will have a fun time with professional face painters in attendance, and other games to participate in whilst the adults can have personalized custom temporary tattoos applied.

Admission is free and the organisers promise secure parking for vehicles at the central and convenient location which is easily accessible by public transportation.

“The atmosphere will be great, the food delicious and very diverse, and the cultural entertainment will be top rated,” the organisers promised.

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