Neeranjan Vikash Liliah: The designer with a unique touch

Naya and Andaaz Designs has had tongues wagging about its one-of-a-kind, off-the-hook Indian pieces since its inception three years ago. Designer Neeranjan Vikash Liliah took to designing professionally three years but began dabbling in the art some nine years ago. His passion for creating unique pieces sometimes leads him to pulling out all the stops.

He has always had an eye for the art, the designer shared, especially when it came to intricate details. At 22 years old Vikash is well on his way to creating a household name for himself.

His passion for art and innovation was recognized way back when he attended Selman Fraser Nursery. One of his nursery school teachers always reminds him about his idea of using blocks as part of a competition for him and his peers back then. She figured he would have grown up and made everyone proud…..