Chris Ove going places with ‘Another Lover’

“Another Lover,” a Dancehall-Afro-Fusion single was released last Saturday via More Global, a distribution division that will be distributing the single on social media. The singer/songwriter, Chris Ove, is one of Guyana’s newest singers and the first Guyanese to be signed to More Global.

“Another Lover,” Chris said, narrates a life experience he shared with a young woman who made such a lasting impression that he had sing of it. This is not the singer’s debut song but his third. Between last year and now, he has released five songs. The other four being – “I Just Wanna Know,” “Downtown Interlude,” “Stay” and “Nonchalant Thoughts”.

Chris’s earlier life saw him attending Corriverton Primary which he represented in 2010 at the Children Mashramani Calypso Competition, placing second. Later, he migrated to the US where found himself part of a Hip-Hop dance group called New Boyz at his Richmond Hill High School. Chris confessed that his early teenage years saw him involved in school gangs where he was always caught up in a fight and it was music that made a positive impact on his life. It also forced him to be brave when in front of audiences.

Superstar Michael Jackson was his first inspiration and he was always trying to mimic his moves while he was younger. Later, he also drew from Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, Vybz Kartel, Krannium and Dexter Daps.

He shared that having grown up in church, his first single which was of R&B genre led his grandmother to have a talk with him since she felt that he should have pushed his energies into Gospel music. But Chris said she eventually came around and now whenever he visits her here in Guyana, she ensures that he sings for her, his family and his circle of friends.

The More Global team, brother and sister Sa-Ra Odeuwefo and Akosua Odeuwefo saw Chris’s talent and began promoting him. They have also founded the Music, Art, Culture Foundation in New York where they live and launched it in Guyana last month. The foundation seeks to showcase the talent of persons within the art/entertainment/music industry. Currently they are working along with Chris to produce an EP for October 22.

Chris, who performed “Another Lover” on August 24, at the University of Guyana in a recap of the Music Art Culture Fest which debuted on August 18, said the response from the crowd was tremendous and he hoped it was the beginning of something great that will lead him to the grand stage at Madison Square Garden someday where he can represent Guyana in front of a sold-out audience.

“Another Lover” was recorded by Tailored Music.

Chris’s music can be viewed on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram at chrisoveofficial, and on Twitter at jaglifemusic.

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