Book of dance for National Cultural Centre

Jewan Ka Nritya (JKN) Dance Company will tonight present the first ever ‘Natya Veda’ (Book of Dance) at the National Cultural Centre. The group, managed by dancer Roshini Boodhoo-Persaud, is set to put on a packed show of dance and drama.

Roshini, who began teaching dance when she was 16 years old, now has a group with almost 50 members. “I’ve been dancing since I was five years old. Dance for me began in cultural school performances. When I reflect on my ages of dance, it’s quite clear that dance has become who I am. I allow dance to consume me each time I perform; my sanctuary, just me and the music,” the sensational dancer said.

Jewan Ka Nritya, she said, doesn’t just bring dance as a form of entertainment but as part of the diverse Indian culture. Persons who take up this art or any other art form, she said, will certainly find themselves to be more disciplined and have a balance with regard to time management in how well they execute their daily routines. Dance, she added, allows persons to be expressive in their emotions and the characters they portray. It always takes extra courage for someone to let oneself go and just exude how it is one actually feels in dance, which is said to be one of the best motivation for when one is down and out. Roshini added, “When all else fails; dance can save you, dance can bring you back….”

It is important that generation after generation learn to value the morals and culture especially the various art forms. The general public is therefore invited to not just support the Jewan Ka Nritya’s family but to also celebrate with them culture at its best. The theme of the show this year is ‘Garland of Emotions’.

Proceeds go towards the building of a dance studio for the JKN team on the West Bank Demerara.

Roshini took the opportunity to express sincere gratitude to those who have contributed towards this valuable cause: Impressions, Sissons Paint, Ganesh Parts, Del Ice Company – Crystal Ice House, Victoria Najab’s GO, Lotus Mall Parika, Feel The Beat Tassa Group, Roshini’s Rocking Recipes and John Lewis Styles.

Tickets cost $2,000, $1,500 and $1,000. The show begins at 8 pm.

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