Ian DeFreitas: taking videography and photography to the next level

Brides and grooms are always looking for the best ways to capture their perfect day and all the moments within, even more so as technology advances. Filmmaker and photographer Ian DeFreitas is one of the persons who can give them that ideal experience.

A video can capture things a photograph cannot, like emotions and action. Looking at a picture may bring happiness or sadness but it is not quite on par with the effects of watching love play out before one’s own eyes and that is what Ian tries to create. 

Born in Georgetown, Ian attended Stella Maris Primary and continued his education at Richard Ismael Secondary School. Though he had an eye for detail, he chose the technical stream and later completed a diploma in Electrical Engineering. “I had just finished GTI [Government Technical Institute] when a friend and I went to hang at a studio. The photographer and I were talking about computers and how well my knowledge was and I told him I know a thing or two. This led to me editing the photos for the guy during the August holiday. That is where the enthusiasm came from to be creative. I love the creative freedom, which is why I left my full-time job. I don’t think creativity should be surrounded by walls, stifled in an office,” Ian said…..

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