Ten-yr-old Mae’s pupil launches poetry book

Aurelia Sue-Ann

A Little Poet’s World invites readers to enter the world of ten-year-old Aurelia Sue-Ann, a sixth grader of Mae’s Schools. The book was launched last week at Mae’s with the first 50 sold being signed copies.

The book consists of 20 poems surrounding the themes: Greek Mythology, Life and Inspiration, which were written over the course of eight months.

The poet, Aurelia, is no ordinary child. She was four years old when she found her mother’s copy of Julius Caesar and read it from cover to cover. Since then she has devoured many books that even adults would find intimidating.

The book written by the ten-year-old Aurelia.

Aurelia, who was born in Trinidad and now lives in Guyana has incredible enthusiasm and compassion for the world around her and through this has been able to pen her poems eloquently, honestly and in the simplest forms.

Aurelia’s class teacher, Shelly Adams Isaacs, was the editor of her poems and in a release she applauded her outstanding work and abilities. “Aurelia is a very diligent child with her work. She has a very good command of her vocabulary because she is widely read. [She] reads books based on Greek mythology, biographies, science and William Shakespeare plays only to name a few.” She further explained that the poet’s extensive reading would have played an integral part in her excellent written and oral language development adding that her distinctive artistic abilities and creativeness have allowed her to dominate in poetry writing. Many of her poems were written in class and were on various occasions read and enjoyed by her peers and teachers. “I am indeed confident that she has an excellent career in the future,” the teacher concluded.

The child’s mother, Makeup Artist Susan Ibrahim, shared that Aurelia is an avid reader who has been writing short verses of poetry since she was five. “I am very proud of her,” she said. “She is not only talented but also respectful and a loving child; her heart is made of gold. She is an amazing older sister… I am so emotional about all of this; I don’t think she will ever understand how proud I am to see her do so much at such a tender age. My wish is for her to continue without giving up as well as to keep on seeing the beauty of the world around her.”

“I feel remarkably proud but humbled,” Aurelia said in an interview. The studious child shared that her favourite poem in the book is “The Art Book”. It speaks about her own sketch book which allows her to be imaginative and to get creative with her drawings which she deems masterpieces regardless of what they look like.

A Little Poet’s World can be purchased for the cost of $2,000. For a copy of the book persons can contact Susan on Instagram @aurelia_saks or call 695-0857.


The Art Book

A simple art book looks a bit small,

But if you use your imagination, ideas will heap tall.


You can draw anything you like,

Like a mermaid, a dragon or even a bike!


The ideas are endless,

Oh! You can even draw a prince or a princess!


No matter how you draw, it’s still a masterpiece….

Like the Mona Lisa or Zeus the statue in Greece!


Like the sea, a forest or a jungle which is dense,

No matter what you draw, it doesn’t have to make sense.


Remember this poem whenever you see a picture or draw,

Because every masterpiece will leave you in awe.

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