Beach bikini ‘boxxing’ event for Splashmins

Seon Bristol

Guyanese will experience the first ever Women Beach Bikini ‘Boxxing’ Competition (the xx denoting that it is adult entertainment) slated for November 11, at the Splashmins Fun Park and Resort. The event is being put on by Bris O Productions and has seen applications from ten women across Guyana; more are invited to get on board. 

CEO of Bris O Promotions Seon Bristol shared that the idea to bring the competition to Guyana came about after he saw such events in the US where he currently resides. Five matches will be put on the same day and will see the ten women contesting each other. The fights will be three rounds with each round lasting a minute.  

The event, he said, will be an annual one and he is hoping that come next year there will be various weight categories competing against each other.  

It is required that applicants are at least the legal age of 18 and are physically fit. Each contestant will be fitted with balloon-like gloves that are specially made to minimize and prevent certain injuries. The wearing of head gear is not compulsory. Those women who will not be contesting in the ring will be servers and will be uniformed in beach attire. The boxers, however, will be allowed their choice of wear for the event. 

“Initially my idea was to have three events per year, but that depends on the support we receive. We will be contracting the girls for a year. There will be promoters from around the Caribbean coming to view the event in regards to taking it back to where they are from, so we can eventually have the event being staged throughout the Caribbean where we can have representatives from the countries contesting,” Bristol said. 

The referee for the event will be leading actor Mark Kazim. The winner of the competition will be chosen based on the support from the crowd.  

The contestants will undergo one-on-one training with Guyanese and former Women’s International Boxing Champion Shondell Alfred. 

“It’s the newest and most exciting type of entertainment being brought to Guyana. It’s a fun event that minimizes or has no sense of harm to the participants. This is boxing with a twist.” the promoter said. 

All participants will be presented with trophies at the end of the competition while the winner will hold the championship title for a year and will also be presented a trophy and cash prize.  

Although the ‘xx’ in ‘Boxxing’ stands for adult entertainment, Bristol said it will be a clean enough competition that children can accompany their parents.  

Bristol is one of the main persons to have overseen professional and amateur boxing in Guyana over the years as well as was the one responsible for the return of ‘Boxing on Boxing Day,’ a show which had existed since he was a boy and had taken a 15-year break until it returned last year.  

The Women’s Beach Bikini ‘Boxxing’ Competition is sponsored by – Wind Jammer, Sweet Point, Trophy Stall, Kingblack Family Promotions and A&G Meat Mart. Bristol is inviting other sponsors to get on board to support the competition expected to the talk of the year event. 

Tickets cost $2,000 (general admission) and $4,000 (VIP) and can be purchased at Wind Jammer Hotel and Sweet Point or by calling Lewis (602-7336), Charles (613-3601), Peters (654-9936), Benn (671-3066) or Bristol (697-9376).  

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