Shoghi Boodhoo: The all-round musician who lives his music

Shoghi Boodhoo is the vocalist and lead guitarist of Behold the Jury, a band which has taken its audiences by storm, in Guyana and away from these shores as well.

“I was always fond of music at a young age. Honestly, I never thought I would have ended up playing the guitar and later [take] up singing,” the young rock star said during an interview with The Scene.

Shoghi grew up on the West Coast Demerara where he attended Leonora Primary School and then Queen’s College. His mother, he shared, is the only one in his family besides him who is musically talented; she sang classical Indian songs. While Indian music was never his forte, having a songbird for a mother influenced Shoghi to try singing. It turned out to be one of his most impressive talents…..

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