Trendsetting model Mukesh Jagasar aims to live life to the fullest

Mukesh Jagasar is the tall, dark and handsome model from Supply, Mahaica who has been appearing on the fashion runways for a little more than two years now. He made his debut at Guyana Fashion Week (GFW) 2016, selected from among 300 applicants who had contended for the opportunity. 

“I wasn’t doing much during that time and had decided to chill at the mall where I met a girl who is a model and we became friends,” Mukesh said. “She was always telling me that I’m tall and that I’ve got it to be a model so I should audition for the GFW which was happening at the time so I did.” Mukesh added that he has always had a thing for “lights, camera, action” and was drawn to becoming a model easily. 

His academic life saw him attending Supply Nursery, Helena Primary and Bygeval Secondary schools.  

Mukesh shared that he never considered himself a brave person and never sat up front in class. He kept to his group of friends he described as “cool”. He described himself as always being someone who was curious and stubborn. Nevertheless, he said, one of his best traits is his sense of humour.  

Though drawn to the fashion/entertainment industry, he was overwhelmed at the thought of stepping onstage, but once he did he felt it was something he could get used to.

At first, his family was against him taking up modelling, he said, as he was expected to live the life of the conventional man. But as mentioned earlier, Mukesh is stubborn and feels that whatever he chooses to do in life, he has to be happy doing it, or it just won’t be worth it. When the GFW show was aired on television and Mukesh striding across the runway filled the TV monitor, they saw his passion and knew that modelling was not up for quits, so he got their votes after all.  

Apart from Guyana Fashion Week, Mukesh has participated in other shows including Neilson Nurse’s ‘Reflection’ at the Theatre Guild, a fundraiser fashion event for local actor Henry Rodney at Pegasus Hotel and at a few other venues including the National Cultural Centre, the Botanical Gardens and twice at Wedding Expo.  

Modelling, he explained, comes with its own challenges, one being his current home location. Having to travel back and forth from Mahaica especially during rehearsals is a hurdle; he used to spend a long time awaiting transportation. Usually, when rehearsals for events come around, it is better to drive which he does whenever he has upcoming shows. Another challenge is the measly money models are paid and with the Guyanese population not so keen on anything local it makes it hard for models to easily enjoy the dreams they pursue. 

But disadvantages aside, the job has it perks, he said, making him a better individual when it comes to being more confident with meeting and people, and with a chuckle, he added that receiving designer clothes is another great bonus.  

Hanging out with other models, he shared, is fun. He mentioned that his biggest supporters are models and indicated that maybe this is so because they share the same passion and understand all that comes with it. He said he always walks with chips though he knows that they would not last long enough to ease any hunger, but that does not matter, what does is being with people like himself who enjoy what they do and are motivated by each other. 

Mukesh draws inspiration from life itself. He does not want to be the next anything,

Mukesh at Guyana Fashion Week (GFW)

whatever he evolves into as a model, he must be referred to as the “only” one. He tries to steer clear of following trends and instead tries to be the trendsetter. There is nothing more important to him when it comes to being a model than being original. 

Within the last two years, Mukesh has participated in ten shows for 15 designers. In a decade’s time he hopes to be attached to an international line making a name for himself and taking Guyana’s name wherever he can.  

Mukesh works sometimes three jobs – farming, vending and driving a taxi but lets none of this get in the way of living his dream. A week ago, he wrote the fire service exam and if things go as planned then very soon he will be a fireman.   

He enjoys modelling, dirt bike riding, travelling, going to the movies and listening to music. 

He is a foodie and loves stir-fry vegetables, just about any grilled food including grilled fish and potatoes and loves baked chicken.  

Mukesh is on Facebook and Instagram as Mukesh  Jagasar and ‘Live it to the fullest’.

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