Trendsetting model Mukesh Jagasar aims to live life to the fullest

Mukesh Jagasar is the tall, dark and handsome model from Supply, Mahaica who has been appearing on the fashion runways for a little more than two years now. He made his debut at Guyana Fashion Week (GFW) 2016, selected from among 300 applicants who had contended for the opportunity. 

“I wasn’t doing much during that time and had decided to chill at the mall where I met a girl who is a model and we became friends,” Mukesh said. “She was always telling me that I’m tall and that I’ve got it to be a model so I should audition for the GFW which was happening at the time so I did.” Mukesh added that he has always had a thing for “lights, camera, action” and was drawn to becoming a model easily. 

His academic life saw him attending Supply Nursery, Helena Primary and Bygeval Secondary schools.  ….

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