What’s Cooking: Minced Meat

Hi Everyone,

What’s Cooking is a series in which I address questions you may have about food and cooking but may be too shy to ask.

Unlike fruits, vegetables, and some herbs, meat is not a food item that’s seasonal. This means that there is never a time to capitalize on bargain prices because there is an abundance of meat. It is the most expensive item on a food-shopping list, especially if cooking for a family of meat lovers who consume meat daily as a part of their regular diet. Ground meat also called minced meat, can be a cook’s best ingredient – it’s less expensive than whole cuts, chops and steaks and it’s great for stretching. The many ways in which minced meat can be prepared and served up offer the variety that cooks seek when thinking, what to cook today.

Minced meat comes in variety – beef, veal, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, and depending on your location fish and shrimp. Right away you can see that each day you can cook a different meat; I’ll tell you how you can prepare them that makes eating minced meat exciting and delicious…..