All the flavour of Garlic Pork and none of the acidity (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Hi Everyone,

Do you like Garlic Pork but quiver at the thought of its aggressive acidity? What about the intimidation of making Garlic Pork – pickling raw meat and praying that you do not make yourself or anyone else sick with botulism? We’ve all had those fears at one time or another. This holiday, it’s all about cooking from the Tastes Like Home archives, and I am sharing with you a recipe I call Garlicky Pork – it has all the flavour of traditional Garlic Pork but almost none of the tartness to make you pucker up or cringe.

Holiday cooking is all about planning ahead, and this recipe is no exception. You can serve it on Christmas morning along with ham, eggs and Pepperpot. Or, make it a part of the feast for Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner. Cutters – savoury bite-size meat snacks – are a must-have and highly prized when entertaining; this Garlicky Pork will fit right in! Got leftovers? Toss the meat into a food processor along with some mayonnaise and hot pepper sauce and turn it into a meat spread to slather on your bread or rolls for a great tasting sandwich. Or, spread it on salt biscuits for a snack…..

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