The Kanye solution

Purchasing beauty products and clothing inspired by celebrities has never been my thing. With the exception of the Fenty Beauty line, the majority of them are just substandard products with celebrity approval glossed over. These products are merely for their hypnotized following and hardly ever for someone who values the actual product. Most celebrity lines don’t even last the test of time to begin with.

When Kanye West started his clothing line which embraced this ragged aesthetic, I would have never imagined it would have survived more than two seasons. His show presentations which were always grander than the clothes, made it impossible to remember that there were even clothes involved. At his Madison Square Garden spectacular, he made the swaggering announcement of being ready to be the creative director at Hermes. At his Roosevelt Island Show he made his attendees wait for hours in the sun before the show started and purposely scheduled his show for the same time as other brands. His shows somehow always manage to come across as more of egotistical statements, which is not supposed to be the aim of creative director. Perhaps this is why, too, I could never be drawn to products endorsed by him, not to mention the fact that the clothes leave much to be desired. Each season seems to reshuffle itself with varying styling approaches but always manages to focus on the same cuts, colours, aesthetics and concept. Sometimes I wonder why I still read coverage of it. I suppose it’s the allure that the brand sells; the self-awareness of his vanity is quite pulsating, it leaves you thinking what next. The statement I suppose is what sustains it, and this is what consumers buy into consciously and subconsciously…..