Wicker Bag

I always question the idea of new trends. In this digital era, there is an immediacy – the internet allows fashion to transform, but it still feels like we have seen it all before and now more than ever. Perhaps everything doesn’t look the same and it only appears that way because of the sheer magnitude of information and visuals we are exposed to.

I tried to put together a list of items that are supposed to be new trends, but appear somewhat familiar. See what you think:

Wicker belt bags

This is a twist on the fanny pack that returned last summer in leather and fabric styles. Wicker is a much more distinct and captivating material making the rekindled trend somewhat new. I think this can become a casual staple because of its functionality and design features. No one wants their hands tied down these days, literally and figuratively.

Sculptural Heel

Hats for days

It may be a reality of climate change, but hats seem to be moving away from being either elitist or boring utilitarian accessories. There appears to be some sort of middle ground for everyday use. With the inclusion of them in so many shows and with multiple variations, I started to look at them as necessary. But hats are not common for most people so for this reason I think they will always have that newness element.

Non-conforming heels

Shoes have sunk to a new level of boring. Perhaps it’s because sneakers have become so fashionably acceptable. Just last week, tennis player Serena Williams was showing off to her followers on Instagram, her Valentino dress paired with sneakers for the Royal wedding reception. It’s good to see heels still declaring their sacred space in our hearts with a twist even if they are not practical everyday use.

The somewhat discreet handbag

I can’t stand huge handbags. I find them disgusting and, in this day and age where going paperless is the new social green movement, why are we still printing and piling up documents? Even though this can’t really be considered a trend, it’s good to see different shapes are being explored and it’s time for everyone to put down shoe-box sized handbags.

Perhaps it is the tiresome excess of the fashion world, but most of these supposed new trends are revolving around accessories as opposed to clothing. The bigger picture for fashion trends seems to revolve around recycling, with gentle hints of newness. This is possibly fashion’s way of saying it has exhausted its creative abilities for now. The phrase ‘less is more’, attributed to Robert Browning in his poetry, and popularized in the 19th century, seems to the order of the day for the society we live in today. Maybe it’s because of the disparity, the inequality and the uncertainness of the future, that millennials have groomed every aspect of their lives to suit this reality and it is evident in architecture, design and even in the way we dress. If the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding dress last week wasn’t testament to this new social wave, I don’t know what is.



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