Supermodel Naomi Campbell is seen as the ‘poster girl’ for receding hairline.

I have been overwhelmed with the responsibilities of life, so much so that I have started to neglect my hair. For the last eight weeks I have been doing an intensive language course while working and trying to get my new home in order. With no time to sort out the knots or to do proper mask treatments every week, I just bundled all in one and patted down the front with wet hands. I know five years ago I would have rolled my eyes at the thought of this but being an adult brings new dimensions and habits.

Now that the course is finished and since I work from home I can go back to enjoying full day mask treatments. The only thing is I now hate how my hair looks and feels. The sight of it makes me so unmotivated when it comes to getting it back to regular treatments. The pulling of my hair together for a quick hairdo every time I left home and the build-up of knots have caused thinning of my hairline. Even though I could disguise it easily while I try to get it back to its original state, the thought of having to create some illusion makes me insecure. I just want to be natural.

I have come to learn that the thinning of the hairline is pretty common. I also learnt that even if you have long hair and it grows quickly the roots are the most fragile part of your hair. Thinning edges can come from not only pulling your hair tightly in one like I was doing but also from excessive heat use and lace front wigs. Another common reason for thinning hairlines is constant brushing and friction from hats, helmets or anything for that matter that sucks the moisture out…..

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