Functionality and style in a pair of sneakers

Gucci Flashtrek Embellished Sneakers

I can’t attach a single label to my style, simply because it is dependent on too many factors. I also believe that this is the case for most people. For example, if it is really cold and raining, I will channel my inner Kanye West, with layers and layers of chunky knits.

I  could never find myself sticking to one particular aesthetic, it’s just too much hard work. However, even though I can’t label my style and stay dedicated to one particular aesthetic, there are certain things that I am sure about. For example, I will never be into bomber jackets, straight cut jeans and handbags that can fit a laptop. For the longest time, sneakers were on that list. I wrestled with the idea of sneakers taking away from my femininity, but what is femininity really? Sneakers actually look more tempting with dresses than shoes or perhaps I have reached my saturation point of seeing too many pictures of them and my judgment is now clouded.

These days sneakers are being carried by every brand. I believe that this new wave of women empowerment and equality has something to do with it. In addition to this, the rise of street wear and athleisure has seen sneakers as the primary accessory as opposed to stilettos. Brands that originally pioneered primarily creating clothing or heels all have a selection of sneakers and trainers. A closer look reveals that sneakers have departed from their usual characteristics, such as design for functionality and comfort to such eccentricities that constantly grab consumers’ attention. When a trend is influenced by such a staple item, we sometimes forget the reason for it even existing in the first place and I’m afraid sneakers will eventually become one of those things that we buy carelessly and randomly based on look as opposed to use and quality. This is because of how popular they have become.

Nike Vapor Max

This week, I put together a short list of the ones I think we should consider when we have to buy sneakers:

Nike Vapour Max

It looks like something from 2050. Perhaps it is the transparent bubble sole. It has a cushion fit and allows of plenty traction. In comparison to the rest of sneakers I think this one strikes a good balance between functionality and style because of the clear bottom

The Sock Sneaker

I quite like this one because you can wear them with or without socks. It looks like if your feet are wrapped in a blanket. I am not quite sure it can deliver on sturdiness but it makes for a good stylish buy to pair with just about everything. Better this than standing for five hours in stilettos.

Logo and Luxury Branded Sneakers

These are probably the poorest type you can buy in terms of functionality and in many cases the ugliest. These are the ones brands created with the soul intention of just having a slice of the sneaker pie. The designs and weight of these footwear are what take away from them being great. Some of them make you question if you are even buying sneakers anyway.

Velcro Sneaker

This type is worth the investment because of how standard it is, easy to pair and fuss free. No laces make it a good choice for people who cycle and are always on the go.

There is beauty in simplicity and in being comfortable. Even though I am only now fully warming up to the idea of sneakers, let me remind you what it is that makes sneakers so great. It’s their ability to make our life easier.






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