For ‘West side’ businesswoman Sonia Deonauth, the entrepreneurial sky is the limit 

Zarah’s with ‘West side’ Proprietrix Sonia Deonauth inset

There is a new store situated at 68 Parika Highway, East Bank Essequibo, which is attracting increasing public attention. The proprietrix, a slight 32-year-old wife and mother of two named Sonia Deonauth, is a woman with seemingly limitless entrepreneurial ambition. She has named the establishment Zarah’s (Princess), a sobriquet that seeks to communicate the high standard that she has set for it.

Sonia says that her entrepreneurial ambitions were cultivated as a child and from a tender age, she has been single-minded in her pursuit of that goal. The launch of Zarah’s (Zarah is the name of the older of her two daughters) on Saturday, December 22 was the accomplishment of one of what she hopes will be many milestones. Since 2011, she had been the owner of another store, an establishment named Urban Apparel which is located in the Bollywood Mall on the Parika Main Road.

The recent launch of Zarah’s, Sonia says, is a reflection of her confidence in the economy, though she says that in pursuit of her entrepreneurial goals, there are still many mountains to climb. She believes that Zarah’s can form the base of a strategic economic hub given its potential to attract customers travelling to and from Bartica, the Essequibo Coast, its various islands and the communities comprising the West Coast of Demerara. The clientele, she says, is only just beginning to take shape and she is prepared to be patient. Christmas patronage, she says, was an encouraging portent…..

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