Food & Drugs Dep’t virtually helpless in face of global ‘drugs cheats’ – source

Marlan Cole

While the recently announced ‘new rules’ made public by the Government Analyst-Food & Drugs Department (GAFDD) setting out conditionalities for the importation of drugs into Guyana, including the stipulation that the labels be printed in English may be well-intentioned, they are likely to have very little effect except the Food and Drugs Department is given “both the authority and the tools” to ensure that the news rules are “rigidly enforced”, an experienced local Hospital Administrator has told the Stabroek Business.

 Last week the GAFDD announced that all drugs imported into Guyana must be registered with the Department in compliance with a New Drug Registration requirement, Food and Drug Act Chap 34:03-Regulations 1977, Regulation 78. Additionally, the GAFDD stipulated in its release that “the brand and generic name, the address of the manufacturer and the patient information leaflet must be stated in English language on all finished product packages.” The requirement is attended by a threat that all drugs (prescription and over the counter) that are labelled in a foreign language will be seized and removed from premises.

But the source told Stabroek Business that “at least up to this time”, the declaration by the GAFDD “amounts to no more than huffing and puffing,” a condition which he says will remain unchanged “until it has the authority and the resources” to enforce those stipulations…..

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