GMC pleased with agro processors 2018 performance

-says food seasonings meeting local, regional consumer taste

Local agro-produce on display in the Guyana Shop

The high Caribbean-wide demand for ‘well-seasoned, spicy foods’ and the evident market potential deriving therefrom is pushing established and emerging agro-processors in Guyana in the direction of creating food seasonings and pepper sauces in the direction of being more accommodating of those preferences, the Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) says in a recently released statement. The GMC statement names the local agro- processing company UMAMI, as a company which having ensured that their products remain aligned to popular taste, have been able to ‘make waves’ in the regional market. 

 On the whole, the GMC’s Agri Business Development Unit (ABDU) says that it continues to be “particularly impressed” with the quality of the seasonings and pepper sauces coming onto the market. 

Meanwhile, the GMC says in its media release that its efforts to facilitate the qualitative growth as much as the expansion of the agro-processing sector, are being rewarded through what it says is “a significant increase in the number of persons who are involved in agro-processing.” Its own role, the GMC release says, has to do in large measure, with the development of non-traditional agricultural products. In this regard, it has been working through its Agri-Business Development Unit (ABDU) to consolidate the sector. Contextually, the agency says, it has seen an increase in the number of persons seeking assistance in the conceptualisation and the development of new and existing products with a view to creating demand in both the local and export markets. ….

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