Move over Cadbury!

Locally manufactured chocolate on the horizon

Amy Pomeroon Foods Inc. CEO Louis Holder

For as far back as local chocolate lovers can remember, the name Cadbury has always been associated with the product. Truth be told it is as much the elaborate wrapping – the inner layer of shiny silver covering the product itself and after that the sleeve emblazoned with the makers’ name – that has attracted local consumers. For generations, the brand has always been thought of among locals as being the ultimate in confectionery.

Nothing, moreover, is likely to supplant the Cadbury brand for some time yet, though the fact that, finally, a local manufacturer is on the cusp of challenging for a share of the market provides testimony to the extent of the road that our ambition has traveled.

Louis Holder is not new to the manufacturing sector. His coffee has long caught the attention of local consumers, not least in some urban cafeterias and not a few kitchens. He is not, however, a man to rest on his laurels and the emergence of a local brand of Chocolate almost certainly marks the start of an energetic excursion in marketing that is unlikely to stop until the product makes a meaningful impact…..

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