Nysha’s homemade ice cream

– another emerging local product

Nysha Homemade Ice Cream Proprietor Sharlene Roberts

There appears to be no end to the profusion of creativity and inventiveness that pervades Guyana’s manufacturing sector, particularly in the area of condiment and beverage production, though the limited rewards for what continues to be the sustained and mostly successful efforts of the producers continue to be undermined by the customer limitations of the local market and the difficulties which locally manufactured products have been experiencing in breaking into overseas markets.

The other notable feature of creativity in the local productive sector is its tendency to materialise in what sometimes are, the less than likely places. 

 Tucked away at Lot 5, Roxanne Burnham Gardens, Greater Georgetown is Nysha’s Homemade Ice Cream. Its owner is not just an emerging entrepreneur but, arguably an unlikely one, her substantive talents inclined, it might seem, towards academia rather than entrepreneurship…..

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