Guinea feels it’s not getting enough from its foreign-owned bauxite companies

- despite having world’s largest reserves and a high grade of ore

Mining bauxite in Guinea

Two debilitating rounds of United States sanctions last year have not been able to prevent Russia’s aluminium giant RUSAL from turning in end-of-year production levels that point to significant increases for both the fourth quarter of last year and the entire 2018, the independent news site, the Aluminium Insider, disclosed in a Saturday February 9th  news report.

The report puts the company’s bauxite production for the final quarter of 2018 at 943,000 metric tonnes of primary aluminium, an increase of 3,000 metric tonnes over the previous quarter.

The Insider’s report on RUSAL’s bauxite production for the fourth quarter of 2018 reflected production levels at 3,719 thousand metric tonnes, a figure which it says was “down a shade” on the 3,848 thousand metric tonnes realised in the previous quarter…..

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