GMC farmers meetings creating valuable networking opportunities

Farmers and GMC officers at the recent Crabwood Creek Farmers Exchange exercise in February

Facilitating exchanges between and amongst groups of Guyanese farmers whose livelihoods are intertwined in the fortunes of the land is one of the more important pursuits of the Ministry of Agriculture’s Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC). The objective of these get-togethers, the Corporation says, is to promote “linkages among farmers” but also to extend the events to embrace “buyers and service providers” as well and to strengthen links between the farmers on the one hand and the Ministry’s Extension Department, on the other.

The most recent of these initiatives, an exchange visit, took place on Tuesday February 12th when twenty-two farmers from Parika, three farmers from Mara on the East Bank of the Berbice river  and four farmers from Central Corentyne made their respective way to Crabwood Creek for the latest GMC-organised ‘pow wow’. Once they had all assembled, the farmers then journeyed by boat to the Back Dam to see how farming is done there and afterwards to have a ‘look see’ of the general area.

The GMC said in its post-visit media release that the visitors “observed keenly” the particular practices of the Crabwood Creek farmers after which they shared experiences during a chat organised by the GMC’S Regional Marketing Coordinator, Milton Dookie who, along with Region Six Crop Extension Officer, Devin Warner and Crop Extension Assistant Deon Harvey had joined forces to put the event together. ….

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