Staying with the pace: Ulelli Verbeke’s Escape To Rest massage therapy service

Ulelle Verbeke at work

In a global environment where even the routine pursuits associated with human existence brings with it myriad stress-related challenges, massage therapy, essentially ‘hands-on’ techniques design-ed to enhance circulation, relieve tension, reduce stress, ease anxiety, improve sleep and promote relaxation, have become as widespread a resort for people the world over as visits to the doctor.

Ulelli Verbeke has the appearance of a ‘poster child’ for massage therapy. Refreshed and restful in appearance, she mirrors her profession as a massage therapist. Her Public Road, Kitty studio, Escape To Rest, itself, exudes an aura of restfulness, the lighting (a single lamp) and the décor combining to induce a peacefulness. If you are not mindful of your mission you could fall asleep there forever. If you manage to stay awake you are bound to be drawn to the tasteful artwork adorning the wall and a handful of a few clearly carefully selected accessories deliberately ‘scattered’ across the room. The chairs, when you sit on them, are as comfortable as they are comforting and Ulelli is refreshing to talk with; and all the while you are partially distracted by the bubbling sound being emitted by a small fountain and a sound system offering music that is as discreet as it is soothing.

Both the chairs and the massage table are covered with red cloth, by far the ‘loudest’ colour in the room. Its glow, under the directness of the lighting, accentuates the restfulness of the rest of the environment…..

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