GO-Invest striving to create more external markets for local goods

GO-Invest CEO Owen Verwey (second from left) receiving an award recently from Georgetown Chambers of Commerce President Deodat Indar

Underscoring what it says has been its role over the past year in facilitating the improvement of local exporters’ marketing, networking and monitoring tools and capabilities, the Guyana Office for Investment (GO-Invest) on Monday disclosed that it had made what a release from the agency described as “substantial progress” in promoting Guyana’s exports in international markets during 2018. 

The GO-Invest release stated that 56 local businesses involved in the supply of gold, diamonds, coffee, coconut-oil, heart-of-palm, pepper, fruit-pulp, dressed-lumber, noodles, beverages, and clay brick among other products were matched with overseas clients, though it provided no details regarding the outcomes of those matches.

According to the state-run investment promotion agency, it also completed what it described as a robust programme of inward and outward missions in 2018 designed to explore mutually beneficial investment opportunities and implement trade-related activities the purpose of which was to obtain new markets and increase exports…..

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