Diana Dolphin-Trotman: creator of pretty things

Diana, her son and her artistic creations

Dianna Dolphin-Trotman has had the good fortune of being able to transform a childhood hobby into an enterprise that allows her to continue to immerse herself in something that she loves whilst earning from it.

The owner of an enterprise called Proprietor of Enchanted Garden Floral Arts, situated at Lot 1 George Street, Werk-en-Rust,  has been ‘dabbling’ in art and craft ever since she was a teenage student at the Linden Foundation Secondary School, her passion for ‘pretty things’ heavily influencing her gift choices. It was the same passion she says, and considerable boredom that led her to create a business in the first place which allowed for, apart from her entrepreneurial pursuit, the showering of gifts on her niece.

Before all this she was to be talked out of pursuing Art at the University of Guyana by a mother who was convinced that Art ‘couldn’t pay,’ so she settled for Tourism Studies…..

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