US-based engineer launching investment in clean energy sector at Linden

says project will produce goods, services, for local, overseas markets

Sharon Benjamin-Fauconier

An ambitious multi-million dollar renewable energy-based industrial enterprise aimed at producing a range of products and services that will target both local and overseas markets is in the process of being rolled out under the leadership of a Linden-born female Industrial Engineer.

Owner and Chief Executive officer of the Guyana Initiative Against Climate Change (GIACC) Sharon Benjamin-Fauconier told Stabroek Business in an exclusive interview on Friday that some of the earliest operational manifestations of the undertaking are expected to materialise during this year.

According to Benjamin-Fauconier, GIACC is seeking to establish a long-term, integrated industrial business powered exclusively by renewable energy and which, when operational, will provide a range of products and services that will attract both local and international markets…..

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