New ANSA McAl imports will further hurt local manufacturing

Louis Holder, Chief Executive Officer of Amy’s Pomeroon Foods Inc

Just days after the Trinidad and Tobago-owned conglomerate ANSA McAl disclosed its introduction of fifty new imported products, including manufactured foods, on the local market, in a move which the company has described as “investing in Guyana,” the owner of a local manufacturing company has spoken out sharply against the development, demanding a local pushback against what he says is the company’s “investing in Guyana” tag line which he says could   ultimately hurt the Guyana market for locally manufactured foods.

Louis Holder, Chief Executive Officer of Amy’s Pomeroon Foods Inc., a local coffee manufacturer who recently announced that he was extending his manufacturing pursuits into chocolate told Stabroek Business that ANSA McAl “Investing In Guyana” is no more than “spin”.

The sharp local response to the Trinidad and Tobago conglomerate’s announcement that it will now be distributing a significantly increased range of imported foods comes in the wake of calls from local manufacturers, primarily agro processors, for local food outlets to provide enhanced display prominence to locally manufactured products…..

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