Women’s Award will embrace people from all walks of life

Lyndel Danzie-Black, Chief Executive Officer of Cerulean Inc,

Lyndel Danzie-Black, Chief Executive Officer of Cerulean Inc, one of two companies involved in the planning and execution of the first-of-its-kind     Twenty Five Influential Women Leaders Award, has told Stabroek Business that the organizers are hopeful that the nominees for the awards come from all sectors of the society and that the nominations take account of “all of the various social groups and areas of economic life.”

Speaking with Stabroek Business in an interview earlier this week Danzie-Black said that the whole intention behind the event was to place deserving women from across the spectrum in the spotlight by shining a light on their achievement. “Awards and recognition are not just for well-appointed people. They are for those who, for one reason or another, are deserving. If you examine our promotional material you will notice that we say clearly that the Award is open to all women, from CEO’s to small business enterprises and social advocates. We took that position because we recognise that smart women, talented women and successful women come from all walks of life. They may be CEO’s of successful companies, they may be farmers or they may be heading successful cooperatives. All of them are champions in their own right…..

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