Anetha’s Elegance staging ‘show off’ of West African clothing, fabric

Angelicque Eastman-Owoka

It would be altogether worth the while for dress conscious Guyanese of all backgrounds, ages, cultural affiliations and dress preferences notwithstanding, to take themselves along to Anetha’s Elegance in the Courtyard Mall on Robb street (opposite the administrative offices of the Stabroek News). Here, the proprietors have embarked on a unique initiative aimed at causing Guyanese to rethink – not reinvent but rethink – their perspectives on what they wear.

On Friday last, in the course of an absorbing interview with London-based second generation Guyanese, Angelicque Eastman-Owoka, the Stabroek Business learnt that Anetha’s Elegance, almost certainly the local leader in West African clothing and fabric, has thrown its doors open to the general public in a manner designed to create what may well be, among other things, an entirely new perspective on fashion as a tool of cultural cohesiveness. “We’re taking prices down considerably on West African clothing and fabric and we are, as well, challenging people to cross cultural barriers in their mode of dress.”

Angelicque, the daughter of Anetha Daniels, the establishment’s proprietrix, says that she is ready to marry her own contemporary ideas to the work already ‘put in’ by her mother to make a mark in fashion. To do so she has decided to make much of the shop’s entire inventory available at significantly ‘knocked down’ prices. It is, she adds, an initiative designed to bring West African fashion and fabric closer to the consciousness of Guyanese…..

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