Party Castle relocates to tasteful Eping Ave venue

Party Castle: The Innises

With businesses in the hospitality sector beginning to surface in Guyana with greater frequency these days, presumably out of anticipation that in the period ahead the economy will become more responsive to the services provided by that sector, the family associated with the Party Castle Supplies and Rentals, the Innis’, on Saturday evening hosted a lively reception to mark what their tastefully designed invitation announced as the “re-launching” of the enterprise.

The event was the outcome of a long-held concern on the part of the key mover behind Party Castle, Dianne Innis, that the Forshaw Street premises which, up until a matter of days, had served as the entity’s operations centre, did ‘less than justice’ to its marketing ambitions. As of last Saturday the Party Castle has been relocated to a more salubrious environment at 40 Eping Avenue, Bel Air Park, where Dianne says they are now far better positioned to “make a statement” about how they can help raise standards in the hospitality sector.  

A matter of days before the event, Dianne and some of the closest members of her family, her mother Cynthia, sister Roxanna and brother William, had travelled from the United States where they reside to put the finishing touches to the spacious display space which now houses a wide array of accoutrements associated with tasteful entertainment…..

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