STEMGuyana, COLAACO Primary School to realise Guyana’s first STEM-certified school

COLAACO children learning more about the computer

The STEM Guyana organisation is currently engaging the administrators of the COLAACO Primary School in consultations which are expected to lead to the signing of a two-year agreement that will provide a STEM-focussed education for attendees of the institution.

The COLAACO Primary School is a private kindergarten to 6th Grade school located in Thomas Lands, Georgetown, which exists to provide quality educational opportunities for children from low-income households. The goal of the school, according to its administrators, is to provide a STEM-focussed education for students in every Grade which will afford every student from kindergarten to the 6th grade, a chance to learn to code, a skill that will strengthen their competency in mathematics.

The agreement between COLAACO and STEM Guyana will afford students of the school the option of becoming members of the school’s robotics club. The agreement will also position the school to become internationally STEM-certified within two years…..

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