Beyond barbering: Seon London’s unfinished entrepreneurial journey

’Passion’ at work

At 37 and a father of four, Seon London or ‘Passion’, as he is commonly known, has had no option but to take life and its responsibilities seriously. Like some others of the young men born and raised in the village of Victoria on the East Coast of Demerara, he grew up without the benefit of the proverbial ‘silver spoon’ in his mouth, his formal schooling limited to attending the Enmore Hope Primary School and afterwards the Bygeval Secondary School.  His father was a policeman and his mother a cosmetologist and that was as much as circumstances afforded him. There might have been a time when he would have been expected to follow in the footsteps of his father and join the police force. As it happened his passion like his mother’s, was for body beauty and it was that that eventually shaped his calling.

 As the tender age of twelve ‘Passion’ developed an interest in the art of styling and cutting hair so that his time after school was spent with his mother learning from her and simultaneously enhancing his own skills.  Not unexpectedly, he opened his own Barber Shop shortly after leaving secondary school, a makeshift facility inside a modest, rented space in Victoria, secured with the support of his parents…..

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