Cannabis secures another breakthrough as a medicinal plant in the US

Dr Henry Lowe

Once reviled and criminalised in many countries both in the metropolis and here in the Caribbean, marijuana continues to consolidate its relatively recent rise as both a recreational option and a medicinal plant, compelling a surfeit of new regulations in various countries that lends it an unprecedented respectability.

Its latest breakthrough in the world of medicine is associated with its links to the work being done by the cannabis research company, Flavocure Biotech, which recently secured approval from the United States Patent Office to press the plant into service in pursuit of a drug for the treatment of glaucoma and myopia. The US Patent Office reportedly issued the patent on May 7th last, labelling it as a “therapeutic agent containing cannabis flavonoid derivatives for ocular disorders.”

Flavocure Biotech Inc. a pharmaceutical company majority-owned by Dr Henry Lowe has had a remarkable run of recent successes discovering cannabis-derived molecules for use in the medical sector. With regard to his latest breakthrough, Lowe, a Jamaican national, is quoted as saying that he is “excited” to be positioned “…to do this type of work which will help millions of people throughout the world.”….

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