GTA’s Moraikobai, Karasabai training programmes adding value to tourism product

Director of the GTA Brian Mullis

With raising the profile of Guyana’s interior regions being one of the focal points of the country’s broader initiative to popularize the industry, the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) has been engaged in enhancing the preparedness of some of those communities to raise tourism-friendliness standards.

Accordingly, the Authority has provided information on an initiative targeting the communities of Moraikobai and Karasabai in various disciplines associated with providing community-based support for the sector.

A release from the GTA earlier this week disclosed that it had concluded training in the delivery of Quality Service, First Aid and CPR to 48 residents of those communities. Over two separate training sessions the GTA had worked with 25 residents of Moraikobai in Region Five and with 23 residents of Karasabai in Region Eight, from May 2-5 and May 13-15, respectively…..

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