Major food safety concerns could threaten lucrative international markets

-Food & Drugs building capacity, says Director

Growing global demands, particularly in developed countries, for a greater mindfulness of food safety concerns in their importation policies continue to bring the international food processing industry, particularly in developing countries, under pressure to conform or else, to forfeit lucrative markets, according to a recent report published under the name of the international Pest Control Company RENTOKIL.

The Report titled Global Trends in Food Processing says that increasing vigilance of importing countries arising out of mounting food safety concerns has created “a turbulent period” for the food processing sector.

“There is a significant economic impact of getting food safety wrong if modern food supply chains are incorrectly assessed and risk mitigation is absent”, the RENTOKIL assessment says, adding that even a small impact on a supply chain can have a large economic impact on an industry that is currently valued at “at over (US)$2 trillion dollars globally and consist of over 400,000 businesses.”….

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