Conflict of interest is again rearing its ugly head

I have been heartened in my short amount of time here that other political leaders, in government, the opposition, other political parties, also indicated that they will respect [the Caribbean Court of Justice] ruling and there will be a peaceful reaction to it. So, I am hopeful that would happen, and I would encourage all political parties and citizens to react in a peaceful way even if they disagree with the outcome.

  U.S. Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch

Allegations of conflict of interest have surfaced once again, this time involving two senior Government officials. In the first reported case, the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) awarded a contract for the construction of houses to the spouse of a Minister of the Government responsible for housing development. In the other case, the Department of Energy awarded a contract to a company to develop television and radio public service announcements ‘as part of its public awareness and sensitization campaign with regards to Guyana’s emerging oil and gas sector’. The company is owned by another Minister…..

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