On giving power so suddenly…

“Not for sale? Can’t be bought?”

Concerning attorney Nigel Hughes

The coward in me – recognising when I’ll be “out-of-my-depth” – frequently advises that I stay away from contentious national issues which dozens of others eagerly address daily. Especially political matters.

But I was actually once very “political” at election times and in between. Then in 2015 I did vote for his Excellency and Comrade Moses. Not because I thought too highly of them. My matured citizen’s conscience had had  enough of  Jagdeo’s outfit and its excesses. So that vote gives me the right to express critical opinions when I perceive “stupidness” by the coalition’s representatives.

As I asked last Friday: what first assailed thinking of the government members of parliament, its ministers and most senior functionaries when the rogue MP voted for the No-Confidence Motion? The 2019 budget and its appropriations had just been passed. Projects were/are planned to deliver Minister Jordan’s good life for all (??) Oil and gas revenues are set to  deliver millions in say three or four years. So just what did government leaders mourn more? The thought that their policies, programmes and plans would not be executed for our greater good? That they will see their status, their earnings, their future and power aborted so suddenly? That their more personal plans for self-improvement are now under threat? That they are not even certain of future political triumphs at the polls —- given PPP wins just last November?….

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