Some key players: On rigging elections (Pt 2)

“Total national defence” – and non-violent defiance

Cultural Empowerment these days

You-all must admire His Excellency’s Most Matured, Fit-And-Proper Gecom Chairman long-retired Justice Patterson now has to superintend historic national elections whether they are a consequence of Dr Jagdeo’s No Confidence Motion or not.

Whenever the elections are eventually held His Excellency’s Chairman – ably assisted by his CEO – retired soldier/officer Lowenfield – must deliver fair well-managed elections in the soon-to-be oil-producing nation. In 2020 there will be well-funded grand Republic Jubilee celebrations by February of that year. The first barrels of our oil will flow via ExxonMobil and its numerous associate companies. The Guyanese expectant citizens and the world will therefore have great interest in the elections. Those polls will deliver the governors and managers of a new national economic entity.

The preparations and execution of the next elections must be seen to be professionally done by hopefully neutral well-trained Election Officials. A pity our Elections Commission is populated by known “loyal” political representatives! (A must for Constitutional Reform!)….

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