Mashramani election campaign moves

How certain election officials rig (Pt 3)

The top two candidates: why Indo/Afro?

Besides the expected goings-on at His Excellency’s Chairman’s GECOM, I swore that the PPP itself is not really ready for very early elections that may be available.

Then a letter-writer suggested that the opposition favoured the early poll because a flawed (padded?) electoral roll would benefit the PPP. My, oh my! Frankly Speaking, I – along with many thousands of citizens past sixty – care little for campaigns and elections at this time. For one thing, I am concerned about the implementation of all those promising programmes for national development mentioned in Minister “Good-Life” Jordan’s 2019 Budget. And would not oil-and-gas and other investors be wary of the potential destabilisation during and after the polls? My, oh my!

Forget the foregoing paragraph, the season, the campaigning is upon us. When I survey the letters and columns and features relevant to elections, I have to decide, being a one-time protagonist, how much to contribute to newspaper column space. What a crowded passionate field. Some dudes obviously rise early and dash to their computers to send in their email support or criticisms even before bath or breakfast! So many feel so strongly! (The Gold Board’s Gabriel now averages two letters per day. Admirable!)….

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